I want wish you love me

Do you know how it feels
When someone throws you out of their life for someone else ?

Do you Know how it feels
When you want to die with each breath ?

Do you know how it feels
wen you someone else snatching the person you loved the most ?

Do you know how it feels..
when you Have to say “I’m fine” ‘n fake a smile
But Nothing is OK at all ?

Do you know how it feels
when you try hard to smile but tears fall unknowingly ?

Do you know how it feels to know..
that the I Only wish you had will never be fulfilled ?

I have gone through all of these..
Just Because Of you
‘n in Return…
I will be Loving You Forever with My Broken Heart </3

I’ll be Loving You with all these Broken Pieces
But my love will be Stronger than Any Unbroken Heart
No One Can Love You Like I Do…….